Thursday, March 3, 2011

Featured Dogs & Happy Endings: The Lucky 13

Throughout history, the number 13 has often been associated with bad luck. Tall buildings don’t have a thirteenth floor; numbering skips from 12 to 14. Some people fear Friday the 13th. But for OBG and a group of cockers from central Virginia, the number 13 represents good luck!

Late in 2010, OBG was asked to rescue 13 dogs, all under the age of six years, from a single home. The dogs’ owner loved them very much and did her best to care for them, but time and money ran out. She couldn’t afford to keep them. But she didn’t want them to end up at a shelter where they would likely be euthanized or to suffer an even worse fate somewhere else. Luckily for the dogs, OBG was able to make room for all 13.

On December 8th, the “Lucky 13” arrived: Abercrombie, Brandi, Braveheart, Camelot, Cassanova, Fitch, Got Milk, Lancelot, Lourdes, Molly, Morpheous, Pierouette, and Truman. They soon made their YouTube debut! Unfortunately, they all needed extensive—and expensive—medical care. The prior owner didn’t have the money to care for them.

OBG set about taking care of each dog’s needs. In addition to basic care such as vaccinations, most had multiple medical issues that needed to be addressed:

  • All 13 dogs were spayed or neutered.
  • They were groomed. 
  • All the filth and matted fur was stripped away to reveal stunningly beautiful dogs.
  • Twelve of the pups needed significant dental care, including multiple tooth extractions; the veterinarians
  • said these dogs had some of the worst teeth they’d ever seen.
  • Most of the pups had urinary tract infections, and poor Molly had both blood and crystals in her urine.
  • Others had skin problems, including one (Camelot) who had highly contagious sarcoptic mange. 
  • Some of the dogs tested positive for lyme disease. 
  • Both Abercrombie and Fitch needed double cherry eye surgery.
  • Three of the dogs needed cataract surgery.
  • Lourdes’ ears were so damaged from lack of proper care that she had very little ear canal remaining.

The luck of the Irish certainly has been with the “Lucky 13” so far. Despite all their health issues, they
turned out to be extremely sweet and loving dogs. Although shy, they were friendly. Some of their  delightful personality shines through in YouTube videos starring Cassanova and Morpheous.

OBG took a chance by agreeing to accept so many dogs from one place at one time. But it was well worth the risk. After some spiffing up with a good grooming and the resolution of their health issues, most of the “Lucky 13” were quickly adopted. But not all of them.

Lancelot is still waiting for a foster or adoptive home. This stunning sable boy wants love and companionship, but he needs to build his confidence and overcome his fears. Lancelot is a smart, energetic, and playful guy who gives kisses, loves tummy rubs, and looks for affection. His fondest wish is to be fostered/adopted by a nurturing person(s) who understands his needs and can gently teach him to overcome his fears.

Are you that person?

Lynne Bettinger
OBG Volunteer

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