Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Little St. Patrick's Day Luck: Henry

Our family has owned four cocker spaniels, all purchased from reputable breeders. Our cockers have brought us much joy over the years. Last March, our furbabies consisted of Chloe, a 10-year-old black and tan beauty, and Stella, a four-year old sable sweetie. We felt like Stella needed a playmate as Chloe was spending more and more time lounging on the back of our couch. We contacted OBG and patiently waited our turn.

I was teaching Sunday school when we “got the call” we had been waiting for. A litter of boys had arrived. Boys with full tails. Swoon! We completed our application and home study in what felt like record time, then made arrangements to meet the boys. To pass the time, we looked at the boys’ photos over and over, finding darling attributes about each one.

My children and I made our way to CeCe Holman’s house to meet the pups. While I was in love with one of the boys, my daughter struck up an immediate love affair with another. As much as I tried to sway her, she stood firm. “He’s the one” she proclaimed, as Henry (then known as Dazzler) was hunkered
down in her lap. Henry it was.

We brought him home on St. Patrick’s Day. Our freckled, red and white, cheerful boy fit in easily with his furry sisters. Stella and Henry became fast friends, as we hoped, and Chloe is happy to supervise their puppy games from the back of the couch. Henry has strongly bonded to me and my daughter. We call him our Velcro boy, always attached to one of us. His tail “whacking” has become a favorite sound in our house. Our other two (nubtailed) cockers must be jealous of his musical stylings.

Henry is our first boy and first rescue dog. OBG couldn’t have been more thorough, more thoughtful in their placement of Henry. We are forever grateful to have our boy and will be faithful cocker rescuers from now on.

Lynn Talbott Smith
OBG Adopter

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