Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Ending: Spencer

Editor’s Note: Our Spring 2010 newsletter featured a story about Spencer, a sweet cocker who’d been with OBG for many months. He suffered from inflammatory bowel disease and also was very nervous and shy at adoption shows--two factors that made it difficult to find the right forever home for him. But a year after he first arrived at OBG, Spencer and his adoptive family found each other. Happy endings like this remind us why we do rescue.

We were not sure we were ready to adopt another dog. We had only lost our beloved Herman nine weeks earlier (adopted from OBG nearly 13 years ago). But the house was just too quiet, so we went to an OBG adoption show just to see…

We spotted this beautiful chocolate and white ball of fur curled up under a chair up against a wall. We learned that this gorgeous cocker with the exceptional markings was named Spencer.

Spencer’s foster mom, Lynne, described him as a “very sweet boy,” very shy, with lots of medical issues. Lynne described his issues and medications, but we didn’t let them deter us and we visited Spencer in his foster home. It didn’t go very well; he really is unbelievably shy and wouldn’t get near us. Finally, after an hour and a half, Spencer finally let us pet him.

On the drive home, we decided we really wanted Spencer in our lives. We spoke at length to his vet to be sure we knew exactly what we would be getting into by adopting him. We knew he had a lifelong dependence on multiple medications and wanted to be clear on what his future might hold. We also consulted our vet, and both vets agreed that his conditions were manageable as long as he stayed on medication. About a week later, we brought Spencer home with us.

We were more concerned about Spencer’s extreme shyness than about his medical issues. How he fooled us! Within 48 hours he was our best friend. He’s still extremely shy around others and usually goes upstairs when we have company. On the medical front, we’ve been able to get his medications
down to about $75 per month.

Spencer has been with us for nearly five months, and he is a complete and total joy! He is fun, lively and full of energy, cuddly, incredibly sweet and absolutely beautiful. He makes us laugh out loud at his antics; he is just the sweetest dog we could ever imagine.

Cheryl Storie
OBG Adopter

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