Friday, March 11, 2011

Gunther: A Wee Bit o' Luck

Gunther was a stray found in a ditch along a Tennessee highway. He had several cuts, including a rather nasty open wound on his hip. The shelter staff in Tennessee thought he must have been hit by a car.

After making his way to Virginia with the help of dedicated transporters, Gunther was evaluated by one of the wonderful veterinarians OBG trusts to care for its dogs. That vet said Gunther’s wound wasn’t consistent with being hit by a car. Instead, he felt strongly that the wound resulted from malnutrition. Poor Gunther was so emaciated that his skin had stretched over his protruding hip bones until it finally split open. He also had eye and ear infections.

But all that is behind him now. Gunther’s wounds have healed, Gunther is headed to his forever home. As luck would have it, the neighbor of an OBG volunteer spotted gorgeous Gunther in the volunteer’s car and asked about him. After fostering him briefly, the neighbor decided to make him her own.

Gunther may not have an Irish name, but he is certainly a very lucky dog. We think his adoptive family is pretty lucky, too.

Lynne Bettinger
OBG Volunteer

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